'Bitter Suite' Big Band Play-along
Hey folks, this is my version of the tune 'Bitter Suite'. A fantastically written and recorded big band funk track. It's great fun to play with a few challenging sections. I'm currently editing a tutorial to go along with this video but in the mean time If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments.

Here's a link to my tutorial: 'Bitter Suite' Big Band Tutorial.

Written by British bass player Laurence Cottle and produced by Darren Williams, it features Laurence Cottle on Bass and many of London's top musicians.

This play-along track is available from https://www.darrenwilliams.org/bigband as a free download complete with charts.

Author: Darren Ashford
You can find out more about Darren here: http://www.darrenashford.com/about
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